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During the course of this week, we have looked at how the ideas and central themes of evolution and natural selection and the forces that work in them, could work for us as a dramatic entity.‘Cataclysmic event’, ‘random action’, ‘chance’, ‘energy’ and ‘brute force’ – these are all terms that we pulled from our reading and research of how natural selection works, but they also all have a great meaning in terms of how character & dramatic action is generated too. What if our play was catapulted into life by a huge cataclysmic seemingly random chance event? One that generates masses of energy and propels our characters onto consequential courses of action that they do not appear to have any control over?October 1st,The paragraph above was written a month ago at the end of August. Well it’s now the end of September and things are evolving steadily! We’ve just spent 2 days working with 3 actors on creating and exploring characters in further development of the themes and ideas behind the piece. I shan’t go into huge detail now as to what or who they are but suffice it to say they are designed so as to illustrate the themes of the piece we are intending to create, which is ultimately about Darwinian theory, so each of them has a role to play in terms of the instinctive desire for order that human beings have and search for in the universe around them, the search for ‘spiritual meaning’, also they represent the brutality of random chance but also the sheer beauty of it too, the sheer violent chaos that can assuage us both in terms of the external world we live in where wars and upheaval subvert the normal order, but also the chaos within is too if direction and hope is absent.It was a fascinating and very thrilling weekend, I spent the whole of it scribbling down notes and Jude has lots of ideas from it as well, we are hell bent on doing another week at the end of October, the 22nd to the 26th to be precise, at Wakefield Arts Centre, where we’ll then have the designer, Barney, a smashing chap and the film maker Will in for the week too as well as the actors and science people to draw upon too.I want to thank the actors, Richard Vergette, Mini Suhawardy and Adam Beresford for their efforts and input over the last 2 days, they will all be with us again later in the month and their contribution over the past 2 days has been excellent, moved all sort of things on for us. Some of the thoughts that have come to us over the past couple of days that came out of the work they were doing by accident couldn’t or wouldn’t have emerged by any other process and that’s what it’s all about!Suffice it to say that this whole process is very exciting and altogether stimulating!